Saturday, February 8, 2014

Life in a Hurricane

Do you ever feel like life is moving at such an incredible speed that you can’t keep up?  That has been this last year for me.  So, when life gets moving that fast, we learn what our priorities are – our family, friends, the things we need to do to survive.  So, while I actually have a few moments right now, I wanted to put down a few of the memories I have from the past year.

This past year, I went from being in a new relationship (not knowing where the Lord would lead it), to being married a few months (looking back and wondering when all of this happened).  But, not that I need to say it, this has been the best year I could have imagined!  In the midst of the quick-paced life, we always do what it takes to survive; but once the hurricane passes, we gain a view from the sky, seeing our life in the aftermath (which can be good, or bad; but, in my case, it is wonderful). 

So, here are the glimpses that define the last year of my life.

A hike to Lone Pine Lake. Tony had other plans – we got engaged! (May 4, 2013)

Engagement Pictures.  Tony had me laughing the whole timenothing new there! 

Dress shopping; A trip to Hawaii with Tony and my family; A Darius Rucker concert; All kinds of wedding prep; Attending several weddings; Two bridal showers; Getting married. 

Here are a few of my favorite wedding prep moments (from my bridal shower):
 a beautiful cake by The Bake Boutique

 sugar scrub favors 


 me and my girls: 
Victoria (MOH), me, Laurie (Bridesmaid), Steph (Groomsmaid) 

So, besides our wedding (and everything that has taken place since), this was a majority of my past year.  A wedding post and more is to come!