Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall is Here!

Fall is finally here... 

These are some reasons I am thankful for this wonderful season: 
- the leaves are changing colors (living in Southern California, we don't see this too often, but pictures will suffice for now) 
- pumpkin patch exploring  
- candy corn 
- pies of any kind 
- the weather begins cooling down (especially when it rains) 
- sitting near fireplaces and roasting marshmallows 
- helping mom decorate the house when I'm am home for the weekend  
- pea coats are appearing everywhere 
- starting to plan Christmas gifts for the family (it is necessary to not wait until the week before!) 
- and Peppermint Mocha creamer is back in the grocery stores  
- and so many more...

What's your favorites? 


Bonnie said...

yaaaa.... so excited to read your 1st blog post. oh, and heck YES to the peppermint Mocha creamer!

freckled laundry said...

Hi B&B!

I agree with the matriarch...excited to read your first post and heck YES to the peppermint Mocha creamer.

And because you asked, I'm thankful for the changing leaves (so pretty here in NY), snuggly cable knit ridiculous socks, hot apple cider when it's super cold out, the pumpkin patch, with the goosies, making Halloween costumes, apple crisp pie, and kicking off the Christmas season. I am so not with you on candy corn though. Ha! It gives me a cavity just looking at it. Chocolate on the other hand....

Good luck with your new blog!

The Berthiaume's said...

Cute new blog!

-the changing leaves (are SO beautiful here)
-Long walks in the crisp air.
-Everyone is starting to get excited that Christmas is on it's way.
-Candy corn is so yummy, I wish they it here
-fall clothes!!!
-wellies start to come out
-when I was in school I loved loved loved getting a new backpack and school supplies

2 Oranges and a Peach said...

Girls ... I didn't know you were starting a new blog. How exciting!

I agree with a couple comments above... I love the fall clothing- love sweaters, love thermal shirts and love cozy pajamas and socks. I also used to look so forward to my back to school shopping trip. I also love this time cause it means my birthday is near.