Thursday, October 7, 2010

Burlap on the Brain!

BURLAP....  here, there, EVERYWHERE.

I'm seriously thinking of driving to JoAnn's today to buy a bolt ($19.99 w/coupon) and firing up the sewing machine... it's time to get burlap serious, with the boutique only 5 weeks away, I need to make lots of things.

Remnants of the Past was amazing.  What a wonderful weekend. 
It does the heart good to have lots of fun and laugh until you cry.

Looking forward to the next show... and maybe one on Thousand Hills Ranch this next year??? 
 I can't think of a more wonderful spot for a antique/vintage show! 


Judy said...

Thank you for coming!



bee j is busy as she can be said...

Love the pics. Wish I felt like doing something myself. Please motivate me. Tks