Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Time to redecorate daughter's bedroom

If I could quit doing crafts, maybe I could get some things done around the house!

I need to redecorate Becca's bedroom.  I have so many ideas... now I need some energy and time! 

Love the white bedding... but is it really the brick that I love???
I wonder what my husband would think
if he came home to me putting used brick on the wall? Ha!

ooooo, look at that fabric.
reminds me of old Hollywood.
 chandi...a must! (sorry Bec's)

This makes me smile too!

I think I love this, however is it really the dress form that I want?

I can't decide... what is your favorite?

1 comment:

bee j is busy as she can be said...

You must wait until January 2011! You have enough to do......crafts, crafts and more crafts. Oh and then there is Thanksgiving, Christmas and the kids home for the Holidays.
Learn to be patient!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!